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Web applications empower users to do more than just view content — they can interact with it, modify it. Web apps can be affordable, creative and profitable business solutions that engage users and, yes, help get real work done.

• Manufacturing-process management

One of our custom web apps helped a client, using only a web browser, to calculate complex manufacturing orders and distribute them to external vendors. And it enabled those vendors to report each item's progress through the production cycle. Total staff training time: about 15 minutes.

• Custom content-management systems (CMS)

We developed the first dynamic web site for a non-profit amateur sports team. Our custom CMS allowed them to manage all the site's dynamic content via Excel spreadsheets. It generated scoreboard-like displays for games and results, articles with game photos, rosters of players, historical records and more. It delivered high value perfectly suited to the client's familiarity with common business software like Excel. And the page-load times were blazingly fast.

• Retail inventory assistant

Could your sales profit from an easier way to manage your online inventory? We have developed custom inventory management systems that do not require knowledge of web programming and that are customized to your site's design and shopping cart. For site owners who are more comfortable with WordPress, we can integrate third-party shopping and payment plugins for that system. Either way, better inventory-management control can make it a snap to…

Flexible, portable technology

External Design web apps rely more on web coding standards than on proprietary tools. They typically deploy readily on a web server running common open-source software and can be used with reasonably standards-compliant web browsers.

…and all the routine tasks online merchants usually pay someone else to do. Even for experienced web programmers, a well-designed online inventory management system speeds the chores of organizing and updating your online merchandise.

About Web Apps

Custom web designs

arts: ADM21 dance company (New York) small businesses: construction and excavation contractors (Hawaii) medical research-development: iCura Vision (Boston, MA) online retailers: Seven Colonial (California) associations: Faith-Based Claims Association (Hawaii, Alabama) programmers: FORTH, Inc. (Los Angeles, California) fashion: Bolsa Designs, Inc. (Los Angeles, California) small businesses: Rush Hour Transport (Los Angeles, California) arts: O'ahu Choral Society (Honolulu, Hawaii) fashion: Bridal Perfections (California) small businesses: Aloha Party Rentals (Hawaii) arts: Will Kennedy (California)
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Summary: small business web applications

Custom web-based apps can be tailored to your needs and avoid the complex overhead of larger, multi-purpose systems. We can consult with you and your staff to design how your application will work and look, and what the development stages will be. We always look for opportunities to deliver added value, such as improving workflow, click-through rates, providing on-screen help and more.