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Experienced technical editors

Trust your technical and scientific documents in our capable hands. We have decades of experience designing, editing and publishing things like:

We have decades of experience providing editorial services to publishers of magazines, books, manuals and varied marketing materials.

About our credentials

External Design staff has been providing documentation design and technical editing services for three decades. Our contributions include:

Our approach? We believe the best documentation results when the true subject matter experts remain involved throughout the process. Therefore, for documentation projects, we work with clients who ensure free access to their relevant staff. Open lines of communication are essential to any project's success, but never more so than when the interests of marketing, development and the end user/consumer all are being served, as in product manuals and many other documents.

From custom document templates to full-charge, content-development services

As your consultant, External Design can develop custom document templates1 for your projects. This frees you and your staff to focus on content development. Of course, you may also call on us to review your content — fresh editorial eyes often are very useful. Or delegate all the design, content and production to us and reserve just the final approval for yourself — we can discuss ways of working together that will best serve your needs and project requirements.

1. Typically created in Adobe FrameMaker or Adobe InDesign, occasionally in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Each template is custom to the requirements of your project and your company.