Better Business Email — Formatting & Custom Signatures


Each email you send is an underestimated opportunity — and too many professionals, of all career levels, aren’t taking full advantage of it. Support your business, brand, and personal image with every impression you make!

Each order includes:

  • MS Word .doc — timesavers: samples to copy, paste, and adapt to jump-start or refine your custom email signature(s)
  • PDF: before-and-after examples, how-to instruction for MS Outlook and Apple Mail

Plenty of tips to help bolster your brand and improve your communications. 40+ pages total.

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“Better Business Email” is a tool for businesses, brands, and individuals. Use it to help develop and refine effective, professional, custom email signatures — because every email without one is an opportunity lost.

Not just for novices: order this for small businesses who need to reinforce their brand, entrepreneurs who want to be taken seriously, and individuals who want to elevate their communications of all types.

  • Before-and-after email makeovers to learn from and adapt for your own use
  • Step-by-step details for Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail (and the principles apply to most mail software)
  • Explanations to build your understanding of this surprisingly useful skill


  • PDF booklet, Better Business Email — Formatting & Custom Signatures
  • Microsoft Word document, Better Business Email — Sample Signatures with samples to practice with, use as templates, or adapt and use right away.

Attention to this level of detail helps you gain better control of the impressions you’re leaving.


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