Technical editing services

For technical and business writing

covers: Our technical editing began at Dr. Dobb's Journal, a magazine in early Silicon Valley
Dr. Dobb’s Journal was the seminal technical publication in Silicon Valley’s historical early years. Marlin Ouverson was its editor-in-chief at legendary People’s Computer Company.

We edit and design publications of many types.

  • documentation for programmers and developers (reference books, manuals)
  • magazines and newsletters for associations and general circulation
  • scientific, biotech, and medical literature
  • content-rich web resources
  • special-purpose promotions for arts organizations

Looking to improve your in-house editing? Consider the titles in our editors’ library.

Books, periodicals, marketing literature

book covers: Forth Programmer's Handbook and Forth Application Techniques, technical documentation
Marlin Ouverson has been a technical editor with global circulation since the 1980s in early Silicon Valley. He both designs and edits technical docs, including manuals, periodicals, and tutorials. His editing has appeared in medical publications, biotech websites and marketing literature, and A-list dance performances and art presentations.

External Design’s principal has been engaged in documentation design and technical editing for more than three decades.

  • Wordsmith who articulates the message and vision of clients on diverse subjects
  • Creator-editor for trade books, technical manuals, documentation suites, periodicals, scientific and medical literature, web content
  • Editor-in-chief of legendary Dr. Dobb’s Journal when “personal computers” were emerging
  • Editor of the trade journal for the Forth programming language for nearly two decades
  • Author-designer of bespoke marketing literature, pitch decks, and presentations
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editing - technical
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External Design,
California, Hawaii, New York
Design and editing for technical documents, manuals, periodicals, papers, and tutorials. Also: medical publications, biotech, marketing, and special presentations in the arts.