Books for editors

Cultivate excellence with good reference books about editing.

We believe each of these titles can contribute to useful, interesting ways of thinking about language and communication — in any medium.

The books about editing are great for novice and experienced editors and writers. Keep them near to clear the cobwebs and settle disputes. Use Dupré for fast, practical answers. Try Hofstadter and Bringhurst to inspire yourself (and to impress visitors). Give each a few minutes per day and find yourself cultivating excellence — editorial and otherwise.

Books about editing

English language

Strunk — because if we don’t know our history, we’re doomed to repeat it. Some of the original may seem outdated, quaint, or overly proper for today’s audiences. Arguably! But even freewheeling editors should know when they’re breaking from convention, should understand the pro and con arguments. And it’s surprisingly helpful to understand where today’s rules came from in order to interpret the gray areas correctly.


Left Field

For challenging how we think about things, and because most serious editors benefit from also being generalists.

Why worry about typography for web design?

What could be better about your typography? You will find an interesting overview in this article concerning design and typography at the respected web site “A List Apart.” When you are convinced, order a copy of Bringhurst, it’s invaluable.

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