Original Thinking, Future Tech

I’m going to indulge in a rare bit of tech nostalgia, but it’s for a good purpose. Early Silicon Valley was full of promise, and it was also rough-and-tumble in cultural and corporate ways. I thought “80 Hours a Week and Loving It” t-shirts were insulting and, because bosses handed them out, manipulative. More than […]

How to Apply WordPress Updates

WordPress is ubiquitous — it is the codebase for around 30% of the world’s websites.* It is powerful, flexible, and useable enough for most purposes, for most website owners. *You can find more random details if you need to justify choosing WordPress. Background: Why Updates Are a Good Thing WordPress frees website developers and operators […]

Do I Need a Website?

We specifically mention small businesses here because most medium-to-large businesses have staff and associates who advise and advocate on such matters for them. If you’ve asked this question, chances are good that, deep down, you already know. Sometimes the question is not if, but when. As in, “We’re a start-up, when will it make good […]

Google Analytics’ email about data retention

graphic: generic analytics graph - Google Analytics data retention settings

“Review your data retention settings before they take effect on May 25, 2018” People are receiving Google’s email with the above subject line, and some are asking our feedback. The post below is from notes we’ve shared with our clients on our “Hands-Off Pro” web hosting plans or in the web development process with us. […]

Hawaii web development with aloha

Please see our Oahu-based sister site for Pan Pacific Web Works Aunt Anita was married to my uncle, a man of some mystery and much affection in the family. An intelligent, articulate, and strong woman, Anita was living in active retirement up on the slope of the Punchbowl, overlooking Honolulu on Oʻahu, when we reconnected. […]

Get Right with GDPR

Anyone who does business with Europe — that is, any website that gets or uses information about European site visitors — has heard of its online-privacy protection, even if they don’t know it’s called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulations are intended to serve more than just bureaucratic purposes: GDPR gives better control of […]

Tips for Online Photos and Artwork

Also see: Photo albums and slideshows — this page’s tips will also help to improve those, too!   Every photo you edit out of a collection raises the average quality of all the remaining photos. Don’t put a photo in just because you have it, and be sure it makes sense with the rest of […]