Using SVG graphics in WordPress

Scalable, crisp vector art for websites Dec. 8 2018 Update: WordPress 5.0 doesn’t require a plugin just to import SVG graphics into the media library. When inserted via the Customizer interface (e.g., for a header image), SVG graphics no longer cause errors or dead-ends at the cropping stage. After inserting an SVG image, it might […]

About Web Sites for Lawyers, Law Firms, Paralegal Practices

When any new client chooses us to develop their web site, it an honor and a responsibility. The observations here concern web sites for law firms, in particular. We approach each law firm, paralegal practice, or independent legal professional’s web presence from the ground up, with an understanding of their “business personality,” objectives, and motivation. […]

Web Browsers and Standards of Perfection

For web developers and designers who, sometimes, push the limits of their tools… It’s old news that different web browsers sometimes have different ways of interpreting web-site code. That’s more true when it comes to newer features of the evolving coding languages, and to our complex or novel uses of them. In all except pixel-perfect […]

Clicks ‘n Taps

Heads-up, copyeditors: in some contexts, “click” and “tap” are in the process of becoming synonymous. We expect that to continue and to bleed into non-technical contexts. “Touch,” however, is almost never appropriate when a more-specific verb is accurate; it’s too lingering for a tap or click, but too short and/or imprecise for a press-and-hold gesture. […]

Of Hype and “The Cloud”

Shadows and silver linings Someone1 on Google+ mentioned: “The hype around cloud reminds me of the hype around outsourcing or programming without programmers. These are marketing concepts, not technical solutions.” To which we replied, as follows. Yes, more hype than usual. Plus, perhaps consumers need a reminder that the model before personal computers was that […]