Web Development & Design Services

…for a custom web site that speaks to your audience.

Custom web development for dancers and dance companies - for example: www.BalletNext.com
Websites for engineering and software companies - for example: www.forth.com
Website development for attorneys - for example: Soriano Law Offices
Custom web development for dancers and dance companies - for example: www.GeorginaPazcoguin.com
Web development for eco-friendly non-profits and green, public-interest projects - like this one at: www.h2oIQ.org
Websites for engineering firms and sat-com - for example: www.RadeusLabs.com
Websites for contractors and construction companies - for example: www.SwanHawaii.com
Websites for e-commerce and online retail sales - for example: www.SevenColonial.com
Web design and development for non-profits and associations - for example: www.FaithBasedClaims.org
Web sites for doctors and medical practices - for example: www.EvidencePainSpine.com
Web design and development for small businesses - for example: www.BridalPerfections.com

The examples shown here are from our portfolio. Inquiries welcome.

We study the market, your audience, and any competitors or colleagues in order to develop a site that will work for you.*

For one example, see how we approach web development for lawyers and legal practices.

How can we contribute to your project?

  • We develop responsive site designs that look good on many devices and window sizes — like tablets and smartphones.
  • We include essential search-engine optimization techniques (SEO) at no extra charge.1
  • We can provide ongoing support — as your trusted advocate, always tending your online presence — or you can call on us as needed.
  • We’ll be happy to discuss the tradeoffs of a fully custom web site compared to a site built using WordPress* and design templates.

Our clients have come to us from software engineering, ballet, aerospace and science, music, fashion, medicine and biotech, non-profits, manufacturing, sports, and more.

PDF icon: External Design, partial portfolio of web sites

Examples of our web-development services: External Design: web portfolio (PDF)

*Yes, we provide WordPress support!

logo: the best managed WordPress hosting

For years, our work was “all custom, all the time.” But clients started asking us to support their WordPress web sites and, soon, more clients wanted WordPress’s features to help them update their own site content — and we haven’t looked back. With External Design, your web projects can benefit from the best of both worlds: all custom coding or a WordPress site with a custom look-and-feel that represents your unique business and brand.

Now also offering managed WordPress hosting services!

Our focus is always on what will work best for your purposes, and how to achieve that efficiently. It’s an approach that enables us to work as well for large corporations as for mom-and-pop shops; in the arts as well as in aerospace and medicine. We welcome diversity and new challenges — tell us about your project and your goals!

1. We may also offer optional, more-advanced SEO services like campaigns and ongoing SEO management, maintenance, and reporting.

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Custom web development services. We study your market, audience, competitors & colleagues in order to create a web presence that represents you well. Full service including design, web coding, SEO for search engine rankings, and training (if needed, by arrangement).