All About “Managed WordPress Hosting”

We offer high-performance web hosting at reasonable prices. The servers we use are designed to make WordPress web sites shine. Security, performance, and many routine tasks are handled — that’s why it’s called “managed WordPress hosting.”

Are you new to web hosting concepts?

The basics are all most site owners will ever need to know:

  1. The code and images that make a web site work are stored on a web server. Servers are computers especially designed to be efficient at storing, retrieving, and sending things over the internet.
  2. Web servers are expensive, and they require expertise to run. Therefore, most people with web sites pay a web hosting service for space on one of their servers, instead.
  3. But a web server can be expensive, even to rent, and most web sites only use a small fraction of a good server’s horsepower. Therefore, most web hosts offer affordable shared hosting plans. That way, many site owners share the capacity — and the cost — of each server.
  4. Renting space on a shared server means the hosting company will take care of nitty-gritty, system-level security and server software. But they typically aren’t responsible for maintenance of your web site files, or of WordPress (if that is being used).
  5. Finally, managed WordPress hosting provides web servers optimized for WordPress web sites. They’re typically very fast, automate more of the routine maintenance and security, and offer robust tech support.

Ask about our managed WordPress hosting services

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External Design offers managed WordPress hosting. We contract with respected WP Engine, whose web servers and other infrastructure are constantly optimized for top-flight performance.

Under our new terms, we offer web server space at $39/month or $390/year if paid in advance. That plan fills the needs of ±80% of the web sites we produce.* If your site requires even more personal service and scalability than this plan covers, we can arrange that, too.

Let’s Talk Hosting

*We didn’t develop your site? That’s okay. When you sign up for one of our hosting plans, ask us to give admin access to your web developer. No problem!

If you rent a server yourself from WP Engine, the price begins at $29 per month. For just $10 more, with External Design you also get routine, hands-off maintenance — no logging in all the time to see if important software updates are waiting! Plus, we’ll have our finger on the pulse of your web site and might be able to alert you to opportunities and to any “issues” before they become trouble tickets.

All About "Managed WordPress Hosting"
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All About "Managed WordPress Hosting"
The benefits and costs of managed WordPress hosting. Basic explanation of web servers, web hosting plans, and getting high-performance for the best WordPress sites.
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