Web site maintenance services

Support for web sites — as needed or ongoing

A web site is an investment one hopes will pay for itself, and more, before it is retired. But the web aesthetic evolves quickly, and today’s sleek sites can begin to seem tired far too quickly. Meanwhile, your competitors’ and partners’ web sites are competing for the attention of your web audience.

Not ready for a top-to-bottom web site redesign?

Between major redesigns, there are ways to help a web site stay fresh in visitors’ eyes. These often are very small steps, seemingly minor, but over time they help keep a site feeling current and relevant to its audience.

Software updates, site traffic reports, fresh content and fine tuning, oversight… web site maintenance is never just routine.

Web site maintenance, content updates, SEO services…

Consider how your site, and perhaps your company, can benefit from outsourcing your routine web site maintenance. What benefit, in your situation, could come from the reliable attention of an expert tending to your web site? Available services include:

  • improve user experience/conversion rates on tablets, smartphones
  • freshen existing visual assets (web graphics and typefaces)
  • add (or refresh) content, add pages, sections
  • replace, edit, or update incidental text
  • clarify the call(s) to action, test alternate versions
  • encourage social-media sharing, develop social-media presence and strategy
  • new web site functions, benefits, features
  • maintain code, apply software updates responsibly
  • re-purpose marketing and sales materials for online use, and vice versa
  • ongoing search-engine optimization (SEO), analyzing site traffic, reporting, and testing changes to boost conversion rates
  • We will listen to all stakeholders, research your niche and audience, and tailor our web site services to address your highest-priority needs. Reliable, responsible, expert services on a regular basis can free you and your staff to focus on what you do best and what interests you most.

WordPress management, plugin updates

logo: WordPress - for managed WordPress hosting

Many web site owners find convenience in sites built in WordPress. But that is not a “launch it and forget it” scenario. It is important to stay current with software updates, and applying them responsibly is a normal part of web site maintenance — even for sites whose public-facing content never changes.

There is a steady stream of security-related updates, enhancements, and new features to WordPress and to its plugins and themes. They are released often enough that WordPress sites need to be checked regularly to see if any updates are pending. This is part of maintaining WordPress web sites, an industry “best practice” that contributes to better-performing, more-secure sites.

SVG animation: high-performance web hosting recommended for WordPress web sites. The best managed WordPress hosting we know anywhere.

Want to free yourself of website maintenance and deliver great performance for visitors to your site? We also offer managed WordPress hosting services — we take care of the ongoing, routine updates so you can focus on your business.

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Web site maintenance services and monitoring for select clients. Including WordPress updates management, SEO, content updates... Custom web site maintenance contracts tailored to a website's requirements and best ROI.