Corporate identity and visual branding

Impressions are formed in microseconds, so presentation can be as important as pedigree. Such subliminal moments say much more than overt messaging…

Mind the basics

What’s in a brand?

Managing a brand involves more than the logo. Get assistance to assess your visual branding as well as your business’s “voice.”

  • Online and print campaigns benefit from an integrated approach in which images and messages work together consistently.
  • If you use outside artists or agencies, develop and enforce guidelines for their use.
  • Your marketing and sales should benefit from your core business identity and consistent branding.

Manage your corporate identity system

Uniform and appropriate usage of the various elements helps ensure they build your brand and make the best use of each impression. That’s why many businesses keep a style manual for its employees and outside agencies.

We can help you document the approved, standard uses of the elements in your corporate identity and branding.

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Corporate identity elements include corporate logo, other visual branding, ad campaigns, business forms, packaging, presentations, marketing literature, trade booths, fonts, stationery and business cards.