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Design and development:
web sites, online assets

graphic: male silhouette

if you haven’t seen what Marlin presented today … he blew my mind. Inspirational — f*****’ awesome!!! I’m so glad he’s working on this!”


Editing, writing, web content,
documentation, mar-com

photo: head shot of Marlin Ouverson (circa 2016)

“Much good design is about communication, not ornamentation.”


User-experience design
User-interface development

photo: user interface design for satcom project (embedded firmware UI and UX)

graphic: male silhouette

“So, how would I— oh, it’s right here!”

Web development, editing and content development, UX/UI
Service Type
Web development, editing and content development, UX/UI
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External Design,
Hawaii, California, New York ... and serving clients everywhere.
Brand-sensitive, audience-aware web development (20+ years). Publishing and editing, including technical, medical, and scientific (30+ years). User experience design and user interface development for devices. Providing technical and creative support services to businesses, organizations, project teams, and individuals.