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Content Editing, Writing, Print Design

External Design provides original writing and editing for…

sample page: well-branded parts catalog for industrial manufacturing

covers: Dr. Dobb's Journal, technical periodical in early Silicon Valley; technical editing and proofreading, print design

book covers: Forth Programmer's Handbook and Forth Application Techniques, technical documentation and print design, editing writing

A complete corporate identity package shown, including stationery, presentation folder, fact sheet, business cards and coordinated web site design

Editing and proofreading

We aren’t the grammar police and, typically, will edit your content with a light touch. But when the subject and context calls for it, or if you ask for it, we’ll pick nits with the best of them. We know how one ill-placed comma, an unfortunate spelling, or an unnoticed auto-correct can undermine your brand’s message. In most of our work, it’s all about communicating the message in the best possible way.

It’s not just about spelling and grammar. A skilled, sensitive editor can help ensure the content — and its appearance — supports your project’s goals and your brand. We provide editorial services to authors and publishers of magazines, books, technical manuals, and marketing literature.

editing - publishing - print design
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editing - publishing - print design
Editorial services for authors & publishers of magazines, books, technical manuals, & marketing literature. Content editing and proofreading for print, web, & social media as well as print design.