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Marlin Ouverson’s web sites, web applications, user-experience design (UX), and user interfaces for devices have served clients in California, Hawaiʻi, the American Midwest, and New York. His editorial work and publication design have long served global audiences.

Selected accomplishments and positions:

  • editor-in-chief, Dr. Dobb’s Journal (noted technical magazine in early Silicon Valley)
  • technical documentation designer-editor, Europay banking consortium developing smart cards
  • co-creator of a performance-art piece selected to open ballet season in the capital city of Puebla, Mexico
  • senior editor and webmaster, and ongoing external designer-developer, FORTH, Inc.
  • A-list music recording sessions support, contractor-coordinator (Los Angeles)
  • UX & UI designer of a new generation (2015) of SatCom satellite antenna controllers
  • author, Computer Anatomy for Beginners (experimental book during earlier days of personal computing); author/editor of several technical reference volumes
  • external acquisitions editor for Reston Publishing (Prentice-Hall)
  • founder-developer (2017), and editor of the public-benefit web site

Notes From “The Personal Computer Revolution”

Marlin’s views concerning the potential of personal computers to society, to the disenfranchised, and to global democratization were shaped largely during his tenure as the editor at legendary People’s Computer Company at a time when the earliest PCs were being conceived.

photo: shadows under a solar eclipse, Mojave Desert 'Ecliptics' series

Photo: shadows under a solar eclipse,
Mojave Desert “Ecliptics” series (1992). Prints:

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