Your (free) “Google My Business” Listing and Adding Managers/Users

These instructions are most useful if you want to improve your business’s online visibility and

  • …you are a business who wants someone (staff or a third-party vendor) to manage or fine-tune your listing, or
  • …you provide such services and want to add an assistant or to set a listing’s owner without requiring them to set up the initial listing themselves.

Disclaimer: External Design provides related services to our clients and, on an as-available basis, to new inquiries. This includes setting up GMB accounts, assigning the proper ownership, and fine-tuning the detailed content of the listing — sometimes to a significant degree. This is one part of a good strategy for managing your online visibility.

Because of its potential importance, both direct and in synergy with your other web assets, we advise a studied approach to completing a Google My Business profile. Today’s value of a well-crafted listing can hardly be overstated and it looks likely to become even more valuable, especially in mobile and local SEO (search-engine optimization). As SEO pros at Yoast have noted, unlike past years, a Google My Business listing is not a “set it and forget it” asset — it is part of your online identity, an indicator of your business’s vitality, and should work in concert with your brand, your other web properties, and your presence on social media.

Your (free) "Google My Business" Listing and Adding Managers/Users
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Your (free) "Google My Business" Listing and Adding Managers/Users
Instructions for (a) opening a Google My Business account, (b) adding your business listing and (c) adding users to help manage the account. Very useful if a business wants staff or a vendor to manage its listing, and to help providers of such services to designate a listing's actual owner. Important to SEO, local SEO.
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External Design
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