custom web site designers, technical editors
website developers, independent designers
External designers for businesses, organizations and individuals

Broad-Spectrum Creative Services

arts: ADM21 dance company (New York) small businesses: construction and excavation contractors (Hawaii) medical research-development: iCura Vision (Boston, MA) online retailers: Seven Colonial (California) associations: Faith-Based Claims Association (Hawaii, Alabama) programmers: FORTH, Inc. (Los Angeles, California) fashion: Bolsa Designs, Inc. (Los Angeles, California) small businesses: Rush Hour Transport (Los Angeles, California) arts: O'ahu Choral Society (Honolulu, Hawaii) fashion: Bridal Perfections (California) small businesses: Aloha Party Rentals (Hawaii) arts: Will Kennedy (California)

External Design creates and manages…
• web design and development
• brand imagery and "voice"
• editing and content
…for business, organizations and individuals.

A guideline, for most businesses:

Good design is about
communication, not ornamentation.

The important question is not "Do I like it?" or even "Is it pretty?" It is more useful to ask, "What does it say about us?" and "Does it represent the brand, serve its purpose and speak to today's audience?"