Broad-Spectrum Creative Services

for businesses, associations and individuals

arts: ADM21 dance company (New York) small businesses: construction and excavation contractors (Hawaii) medical research-development: iCura Vision (Boston, MA) online retailers: Seven Colonial (California) associations: Faith-Based Claims Association (Hawaii, Alabama) programmers: FORTH, Inc. (Los Angeles, California) fashion: Bolsa Designs, Inc. (Los Angeles, California) small businesses: Rush Hour Transport (Los Angeles, California) arts: O'ahu Choral Society (Honolulu, Hawaii) fashion: Bridal Perfections (California) small businesses: Aloha Party Rentals (Hawaii) arts: Will Kennedy (California)

Web Design & Development

custom web site designers-developers


editors for web content and for technical books and magazines


corporate brand identity packages

A guideline for (most) businesses:

Good design is about
communication, not ornamentation.

The important question is not "Do I like it?" or "Is it pretty?" It is more productive to ask, "What does it say about us?" and "Does it represent the brand and speak to today's audience?"