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External Design creates and manages…
• web design and development
• brand imagery and "voice"
• editing and content
…for business, organizations and individuals.

“…good design is magical and not to be lightly tinkered with. The difference between a great design and a lousy one is in the meshing of the thousand details that either fit or don't, and the spirit of the passionate intellect that has tied them together, or tried. That's why programming — or buying software — on the basis of "lists of features" is a doomed and misguided effort. The features can be thrown together, as in a garbage can, or carefully laid together and interwoven in elegant unification, as in APL, or the Forth language, or the game of chess.”

A guideline, for most businesses:

Good design is about
communication, not ornamentation.

The important question is not "Do I like it?" or even "Is it pretty?"
It is more useful to ask, "What does it say about us?" and "Does it represent the brand, serve its purpose and speak to the audience?"