Marlin Ouverson

DBA External Design

External Design represents services provided by Marlin Ouverson as a designer-developer of custom web sites, user experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI), and as a veteran editor and publication designer.

Selected accomplishments and positions:

Marlin Ouverson's web sites, web applications, and special-purpose user interfaces for electronic devices have served clients in California, Hawaiʻi, the American heartland, and New York. His editorial work has long served international and domestic audiences.

photo: Marlin Ouverson (circa 2016)

Marlin Ouverson's professional credentials and references are available at LinkedIn:

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Notes From "The Personal Computer Revolution"

Marlin's views concerning the potential of personal computers to society, to the disenfranchised, and to global democratization were shaped largely during his tenure as the editor at legendary People's Computer Company at a time when the earliest PCs were being conceived.

The social-revolutionary flavor of the early days of personal computers:
(Computer) Power to the People.

Democracy and the internet in the digital age:
Network Neutrality and Democracy