Not your average presentations

Presentation decks can inform, persuade, educate, and entertain. Effective ones use pacing, visual design, and language choice to deliver the message in a way that is both pleasant and effective. Less like homework and more like spoken word, poetry, or long-awaited news.

The many choices depend on what’s appropriate to the brand and the message, and on what will speak to the intended audience. That’s often where we come in. We can deliver a visual aesthetic that goes beyond personal preferences to land on what simply works. Our versatility means we likely can deliver in the medium that will work best, not just the one or two that many designers and services know. And if we ever come to believe your project would be better served elsewhere, we’ll tell you!

The following is excerpted from a presentation we developed for a non-profit arts organization. Shown here with permission.

Words and the ways we use them

The editing expertise at External Design means we can take your rough draft as a starting point, or start from a blank page. If you’ve already made good progress, we can offer a light edit, as needed. Of course, if you prefer that we confine our work to just design and production, tell us that and your text will remain exactly as you gave it to us.

Choose the medium for your message

Presentations are only one form, but they are a familiar format. That’s a strong argument in favor of the medium. Subject to availability, we can develop presentations in a variety of formats.

A presentation, video, or animation should support the message and the brand, not overshadow them.

  • PowerPoint, Slideshare, and Prezi decks
  • web-based interactives
  • video, multimedia

…and, of course, PDF and printed presentations. And if you’d like to get a little more cinematic with video, or more graphic with in-page animations that tell a story… we’re here to support that, too!

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Business presentations, including PowerPoint, Slideshare, and Prezi decks
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Presentation decks inform, persuade, educate & entertain. Good ones use pacing, visual design & language: less like homework, more like a pleasant message.