Website development & design

After 20+ years, we still love the challenge of crafting an effective web presence.

Your web projects benefit from the best of both worlds: the convenience and power of a WordPress site but with a (really) custom look and feel.

Where did web creativity go?

We remember some early websites that caused goosebumps. Poetry on the screen. Perhaps even deeper meaning was conveyed in fewer words, by some outstanding examples of the time.

Tools like WordPress that make it easier for non-coding developers to create websites too often force tradeoffs that stultify creative exploration. Boxes and blocks and grids and responsiveness are baked in, with pre-determined choices for how they can be used for your needs.

We like WordPress just fine. On some days, we just have to see how far we can bend it to our creative will without losing the benefits of backend maintainability and updates.

Also: the best managed WordPress hosting. We handle those software updates for you!

Small business web applications

Flexible, portable technology

External Design web apps rely more on web coding standards than on proprietary tools. They typically deploy readily on a web server running common open-source software and can be used with reasonably standards-compliant web browsers.

Custom web-based apps can be tailored to your needs and avoid the complex overhead of larger, multi-purpose systems. We’ll consult with you and your staff to design your application and the development milestones. Along the way, we’ll look for opportunities to deliver added value, such as improving both workflow and conversions, while shortening the learning curves and reducing error rates.

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website development
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External Design,
Website development and design for ~20 years. WordPress hosting and support. Editorial services, other consulting subject to availability. Custom and exploratory design are a special interest.