Managed WordPress Hosting

Gold-standard web hosting at reasonable prices. Your website’s ongoing security, performance, and routine updates are handled for you.

“Hands-free Pro” for WordPress websites

$450 per year

That’s $45/month — with two free months each year.

  • high-performance web servers
  • routine maintenance of WordPress and related software
  • daily full-site backups
  • reduced hourly rates for any optional, additional services you request
  • you can edit and create your website content, or have others do so

Interested? Tell us your domain name and current web host, if you have those. An easy email or two should show whether we can be of service to you and your project.

Prefer to handle it yourself?

  • We can handle those routine-but-annoying WordPress software updates, even if you host your website elsewhere. (We must reserve the right to decline, depending on the web host you choose and on our general availability and interests.) The price is the same as if we were hosting the site.
  • You can rent web server space directly from the esteemed provider we use, or another of your choice, and handle the software updates yourself. Some basic concepts are introduced in our related post.
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Managed WordPress hosting and maintenance for websites
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External Design,96744,
Gold-standard web hosting for WordPress-based websites. High-performance web servers, routine maintenance of WordPress and related software, reduced hourly rates for optional additional services, you can edit and create your website content, or use others to do so.