Managed WordPress Web Hosting

We offer gold-standard web hosting at reasonable prices. Your website’s typical security, performance, and routine maintenance tasks are handled — that’s why it’s called “managed WordPress hosting.”

“Hands-free Pro” for WordPress websites

$450 per year

That’s $45/month with two free months/year. Paid in advance. Includes:

  • high-performance web servers (if desired)
  • routine maintenance of WordPress and related software (typically multiple times weekly)
  • reduced hourly rates if you contract with us for additional services
  • edit and create content, or hire others to do so
  • custom service and scalability options for discussion

Prefer to handle it yourself?

You can rent web server space from the highly respected vendor we use: WP Engine. (Like most web hosting firms, they cannot offer extensive support for issues specific to one website and its content.)

New to hosting? Some basic concepts are introduced in our related post.

We advise any self-hosting client to apply pending software updates at least twice weekly, and more often is better. (For most site owners, the updating process usually is not as difficult as the necessity of having another long-term, recurring item on the to-do list.)

If the routine grows tedious, we may provide “Hands-free Pro” services to websites that are not hosted on our servers. The price is the same, because the ongoing maintenance requires the same diligence.