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Custom web site designers

We call it "insight-based web design" because the custom designs and web applications we create for you will be finely tuned to your audience and your objectives. We want your web-site investment to serve you well.

Work that speaks to your audience

We won't just deliver your message, we'll put it across in a way suited to your audience and corporate personality. In that sense, 99% of our work is entirely custom.*

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Social-media campaigns

social media campaign raises influence ratings

We can manage your social-media presence, too. Our skills at building virtual communities are a perfect match to helping your social networks grow. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest… we can create a coordinated strategy tailored to your purposes.

We thrive on diversity

Our approach to web design has produced successful projects as different as apples and orangutans. Our varied clients have come from software engineering, ballet, aerospace and science, music, fashion, medicine, manufacturing, sports and more. We look forward to learning about your project, too, large or small!

For managers, web developers and producers:
Internet Coding Standards

We adhere to cost-efficient web coding practices appropriate to each project's needs. Practicality, efficiency, affordability, maintainability and standards are among our governing principles. Our web coding standards article describes our guiding philosophy and current coding practices.

*All custom, (almost) all the time

Experienced, custom web designers1 can target your specific audiences, convey a carefully crafted image and achieve well-defined objectives. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. (And if you're stuck with a web-page template or blog that looks too generic or like it was patched into the rest of your design, we may be able to assist you. We have done highly customized WordPress and other installations that dovetail seamlessly with the carefully crafted look-and-feel of your online design assets. Feel free to inquire with details of your situation.)

There are times when it makes sense to build on top of existing, third-party software instead of reinventing the wheel. If someone already has good blogging software that really fulfills the requirements of your project, or can be made to do so with some customization, it likely will be a big cost savings and might also shorten development time. Evaluate carefully whether integrating your solutions via third-party software will benefit your project and, perhaps, offer more benefits and features out of the box than you had considered.

Of course, before you can begin evaluating third-party solutions, you need a clear set of project requirements. The requirements should address technical, aesthetic and organizational interests in detail, such as branding, copyright, pricing (if any), data independence, functional and aesthetic customization, etc. External Design can assist with preparing a survey of a project's requirements before estimating its cost to develop.

1. Including: third-party evaluations and existing site refresh/tuneup. Also see our search-engine visibility, optimization and reporting services.