WordPress and Managed Hosting

Management + Hosting How does it work?We contract with respected WP Engine1 for web servers, support, and other infrastructure. They’re optimized for top-flight WordPress performance and can scale up fast when a flood of traffic heads for your website. External Design adds services to relieve site owners of routine-but-vital chores, so they can focus on […]

How to Apply WordPress Updates

WordPress is ubiquitous — it is the codebase for around 30% of the world’s websites.* It is powerful, flexible, and useable enough for most purposes, for most website owners. *You can find more random details if you need to justify choosing WordPress. Background: Why Updates Are a Good Thing WordPress frees website developers and operators […]

Hawaii web development with aloha

Please see our Oahu-based sister site for Pan Pacific Web Works Aunt Anita was married to my uncle, a man of some mystery and much affection in the family. An intelligent, articulate, and strong woman, Anita was living in active retirement up on the slope of the Punchbowl, overlooking Honolulu on Oʻahu, when we reconnected. […]

What’s In a Nameserver? DNS Lesson Learned.

Domain name servers The web domains we know use them: a domain name server routes internet traffic for www.ExternalDesign.com to the web server whose IP address is (or something). DNS maps the names we humans use to the numbers that identify a specific destination or resource. Every web browser’s new HTTP request, for every […]